I Graduated - Middleboro High School in 1996 to join the army. United States National Guard - 1996 - 1978 

TRIPP BIBLE INSTITUTE Associate of Christian Counseling (February 11, 2011) 

Bachelor of Christian Counseling (June 13, 2014) 

Masters Degree


Graduated - Middleboro High School in 1974 to join the army. United States Army National Guard - 1974 - 1976 Honorable discharge for a medical condition. 

TRIPP BIBLE INSTITUTE Associate of Christian Counseling (February 11, 2011) Bachelor of Christian Counseling (June 13, 2014)

 I have professional counseling experience working in a private mental health hospital in Brookline, Massachusetts, where I worked for three years on the intensive treatment unit as an aide. 

The Swedish home working with Alzheimer's, depression, and the elderly. I was the first and only male aide who worked there. My duties were dispensing medications, keeping records, and keeping count of meds at the end of shift. Ensuring that my patients were clean, dressed and that the only two male patients were shaved every day

 The Middleboro Rest Home - Where I learned about medications, dispensing medication, and keeping a shift total of meds, PTSD. the effects after abortion.

 As a Chaplain, I can officiate baby dedications, weddings, funerals, building dedications, etc Experience with PTSD, sexual assault, domestic violence, suicidal ideation crisis, abuse, neglect, trauma, and parenting strategies, trauma experienced, relationship struggles. I grew up in Boston Massachusetts. After serving my country in the United States Army, as an M.P. for two years. I was honorably discharged with a medical condition called hypothyroidism. a condition I had when I entered the service. I have been married to my wife Rebekah for 15 years. I have been divorced twice and have a 25-year-old daughter from my first marriage. I've lost two fathers in death one due to alcoholism, the other to emphysema.


Psychology, Biblical counseling, Natural remedies, studies on understanding how the brain processes information and experiences.


I'm always studying - Reading up on my client's illnesses - Causes - what works best for them. I attend church when possible. Meeting and helping people I run across every day.

  He specializes in:


Adolescent, teen, and young adult

Bipolar and ADHD

Family and Marriage

Other Services


Anger issues

 child and teen, young adult behavior (as young as age 4)

 Couples relationships



family counseling 

intimacy and relational support

 parenting support 


Chaplain Mark also officiates weddings and funerals

What is the difference between a psychologist, psychiatrist, counselor, therapist, and social worker?

This is what a typical person in each field may do:

  • Counselor, Psychotherapist or Therapist
    • a general term that could refer to many mental health professionals
    • provides counseling/therapy
    • provides mental health referral if medication or other services are needed
  • Psychiatrist - has medical training
    • provides medication management
    • provides brief counseling
    • typically schedules appointments less frequently than other mental health professionals
  • Psychologist
    • has advanced training in mental health problems
    • provides counseling/therapy
    • conducts personality/cognitive assessments
  • Social Worker
    • provides counseling/therapy and referrals
    • provides case management