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 Behavioral health (counseling) and Chaplaincy services

  I believe our work will be most helpful to you when you have a clear idea of what we are trying to do. Write down any questions you have, and we will discuss them at our next meeting.    I often take notes during our meetings. You may find it useful to journal outside of our meetings.  By the end of our first or second session, I will tell you how I see your case at this point and how I think we should proceed.  I view therapy as a partnership between us. You define the problem areas to be worked on, I use some special knowledge to help you make the changes you want to make. Talk therapy/ CBT therapy is not like visiting a medical doctor. It requires your very active involvement. It requires your best efforts to change thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. For example, I want you to tell me about important experiences, what they mean to you, and what strong feelings are involved. This is one of the ways you are an active partner in therapy. An important part of your therapy will be practicing new skills that you will learn in our sessions.    I may ask you to practice outside our meetings, and we will work together to set up homework assignments for you.  I might ask you to do exercises, keep records, and read to deepen your learning.  You will probably have to work on relationships in your life and make long-term efforts to get the best results. These are important parts of personal change. Change will sometimes be easy and quick, but more often it can be slow and frustrating.  There are no instant, painless cures and no “magic pills.”  However, you can learn new ways of looking at your problems that will be very helpful for changing your feelings and reactions.

We are happy to distinguish ourselves at Heartfelt Counseling as a MINISTRY not a mental health agency and as such we will receive your emergency calls ourselves when you need help. Anytime. Don't suffer alone.

What former clients are saying about Breaking the links ministry 

 "Mark has a very compassionate heart. Counseling someone going thru a crisis in life is not easy. Mark has a calmness about him that helps to support and calm a person in stress. I would recommend Mark to help anyone out that's is need of some family or personal counseling."

- T.F. MD

 "Mark is very understanding and accepting of many situations. He doesn't take sides and he does his research to help with any issue that arises. He is honest and over all a very good therapist."


"Chaplain helped me with childhood memories that I was having when I was sleeping some were just pictures, sometimes feelings. He helped me remember events that I blocked out, and heal."


"Chaplain Mark helped me reconnect with my father, whom I hadn't seen in a REALLY  long time. He also helped with the first meeting with my mom & dad.

  Then the three of us!! Chaplain made us all feel at ease in a really uncomfortable time,"